ALPARK Hiroshima shopping mall (for english)

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ALPARK Hiroshima shopping mall, for tourist spots near by Miyajima.There are over 150 stores for foods and restaurants, clothing, souvenirs, cosmetics. You can enjoy shopping, movie theaters, amusements.

[ALPARK Hiroshima shopping mall]
2-26-1 Kusatsu-shinmachi, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima-ken
3 minutes, walk from Shin-Inokuchi Station, JR Sanyo Main Line.
3 minutes, walk from Shoko Center-iriguchi Station, Hiroden Miyajima Line. Directly connected to "Shoko Center-iriguchi Station" by pedestrian deck.

Our recommended Shops



Fashion accessories

Restaurant & Cafe


Homeware & General goods

Hobby & Culture

Service & Clinic


  • Matsumoto Kiyoshi


    drug store, cosmetics, pharmacy

    TAX FREECash
  • Akachan Honpo


    baby gear furniture, kids wear

    TAX FREECashCreditCardUnionPay


    specialty shoe store

    TAX FREECashCreditCardICOCAUnionPay
  • MUJI


    clothing & household goods

    TAX FREECash
  • GU


    ladies, mens, kids wear

    TAX FREECashCreditCard
  • The Super Sports XEBIO


    sports clothing, equipment store

    TAX FREECash
  • Opening hours

    Shops & Food Court10:00-20:00

    ※The opening hours differ for some stores.For more information,please refer to the store page.


    Information Desk
    Feel free to visit the Information Desk on the second floor of the East Building.
    The Information Desk is the place to get directions (including floor maps), ask about lost children, have somebody paged, check Lost & Found, and borrow strollers and wheelchairs.
    Mall attendants
    We're sorry, but there are no mall attendants.
    Foreign money exchange
    No foreign money exchange is available, but there are ATMs from which you can withdraw Japanese yen.
    Multilingual call center services
    Calls from Japan(including calls from cell phones & PHS)
    Toll-free 0120-355-231
    Available every day of the week from 10:00-21:00(year-round).
    Use of credit cards
    Major credit cards are accepted. Please ask at the individual store regarding specific cards.
    Credit card withdrawals in Japanese yen
    Withdrawals can be made at Seven Bank, located on the third floor of the East Building.
    ATMs are located on the first and third floors of the East Building, and the first and third floors of the West Building.
    Coin lockers
    Coin lockers are available on each floor.
    An automated external defibrillator (AED) is located on each floor.
    Smoking areas
    Smoking rooms are available on each floor.
    Baby changing facilities
    Baby changing facilities are available as follows:
    1.East Building first floor, Akachan honpo (changing tables, sinks, hot water equipment, nursing rooms, microwave ovens)
    2.East Building third floor restroom (changing tables, sinks, hot water equipment, nursing rooms, microwave ovens)
    3.North Building first floor restroom (changing tables, sinks, nursing rooms)
    4.North Building second floor restroom (changing tables, sinks, water heaters for milk formulas, nursing rooms)
    5.West Building 4th floor restroom (changing tables, sinks, water heaters for milk formulas, nursing rooms microwave ovens)